WINDY AUTOS LTD Dealership Selling Agreement Terms and Condition

The Buyer must undertake further checks history on the cars that they purchased from WINDY AUTOS LTD.  The AD is just an illustration and is the buyer's responsibilities to perform further checks. In regards to the contents of our AD’S customers are not allowed to purchase a Vehicle online on the AD they have to come in person to purchase a Vehicle.

WINDY AUTOS LTD uses third-party marketing companies to promote our products on Facebook, Gumtree, Shpock, Flyers, etc. Based on commission and WINDY AUTOS LTD has no control about the information they provide on the AD.

WINDY AUTOS LTD transfer the responsibility of any breakdown or 30 days dealership seller's protection to Warranty Assist at a cost to WINDY AUTOS LTD transfer, not the Buyer. Only, if we a warranty is added and how long was added on the car.

For further question on breakdown or warranty, the Buyer is responsible for contacting Mr Hassan, our Account Manager at Warranty Assist to activate the warranty after purchase.

WINDY AUTOS LTD will make sure that all interested customer attends a physical viewing and a test drive of our Vehicle before purchase. It's the customer's responsibilities to check that they are happy with the state, CAT, HPI, colour, condition, documents, spare tyre, number of keys, and the Vehicle's functionality before purchase.

WINDY AUTOS LTD will not be responsible for any complaints about the condition, a return or a refund once the Vehicle left our premises due to previous experience, we have similar experience in the past we few customers. (1) They don't want to pay to hire a car, so they come to us to buy a car, drive it for free for 30 days damaged the car and return for a full refund. (2) Customers buy a vehicle from us, take out the parts from our car to fix a similar problematic car and return for a full refund.

That is why we put a different measure in place to protect our customer and ourselves. We encourage our customers to read before signing our agreement and keep a copy for record purposes.