Our Car Warranty?

All and we meant all our car at WINDY AUTOS LTD comes with a car warranty as standard. Just sit back and relax WINDY AUTOS LTD  have you covered. 

Warranty Assist warranty plans explained

Warranty Plans – mechanical and electrical breakdowns on used private motor vehicles, sold by a dealer to customers, can be covered by the dealer and customer purchasing a warranty plan from our online system (subject to the terms and conditions that apply). Warranty Assist provides all aspects of the plan and deals with all requests for repairs in-house; ensuring fast decisions and clear communication. Our warranty plans allow VAT registered dealers to reclaim the VAT relating to their warranty purchases, helping to keep overheads as low as possible.

For more information, click on the Warranty Assist page on the top right corner of our website.

Summary of this Warranty Plan

Our Warranty Assist Plan is intended to contribute to the repair of a failed component (part) on your newly purchased Used Vehicle. It’s not to increase the value of your vehicle by replacing used parts for new.

What this Warranty Plan Includes

Only components approved by the manufacturer can be covered. Any component not specifically listed below will not be covered.


Electronic control units (ECUs) & computers

Braking system



Cooling systems







Fuel system

Oil Seals and Gaskets

Ignition system

What this Warranty Plan Includes

The following engine parts are also covered: Crankshaft pulley and cylinder head gasket. Camshaft drive belts are covered as follows: Camshaft drive belts and tensioners (subject to document proof that the last due change of camshaft drive belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule). Flywheels & drive plates  

What our dealers say

We have been extremely pleased with how Warranty Assist has looked after us, dealing with all aspects of the warranty provision. Warranty Assist is always cheerful and polite, helpful in answering any queries we have. Nothing is ever too much.

Approved Dealer, Cornwall